Using the Law of Reciprocity In Your Network Marketing Business

Have you heard of the law of reciprocity? If you have then you should definitely be using it in your network marketing.

If you aren’t happy just doing things that are nice without expecting anything back, you should pay attention to the law of reciprocity. Let’s just use the example of being nice to someone. When you are nice to someone, there is something within the human being that cannot help but want to be nice back. It is almost like a craving. Let’s go over a couple of other instances that it can work with you.


If you want to start a conversation with someone, find something that you genuinely like about them and compliment them. Whether it be their shoes, clothes, hair or whatever it might be, make sure that you compliment them with a true compliment. This puts people at ease and lets them know that you want to be friends. As a bonus, you are likely to get a compliment back as well.

Asking What They Do

When you want to open up the business side of things, you can ask them what they do. They will tell you and most of the time, people are going to ask you what you do. This will give you the opportunity to share with them what you do so that you can see if they have some interest in what you do and how you can serve them.

These are some of the simple things that you can use the law of reciprocity for. Get creative and always do it with good intent.

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